Time to Say Goodbye to "Dudes"

Time to state farewell to "Fellows."

Guys of all ages are alluded to as "fellows" nowadays.

I don't much like the word. It bears a resemblance to an unnaturally expanded immaturity. What rings a bell when I hear the term is a shallow farce of an adult man. The person who grins at ladies, tells messy jokes, smacks another person's uncovered ass with a wet towel in the locker room. He is the disorderly male continually endeavoring to be well known with the young men (whatever their age and development). He jokes about the young men whose cerebrum is bolted on to vaginas and boobs and "has just a single thing as a top priority."

In any case, men, yes and young men are considerably more profound than the dumbfounded jokesters we are once in a while taken for and have come to accept about ourselves. In the event that the fact of the matter were known, the majority of us long to be free of the part we are relied upon to play.

We are not "fellows." We are writers and in addition warriors. Visionaries and sweethearts. We are safeguards and defenders of the powerless and defenseless. We are legends giving our lives for our nation and our families.

We are pioneers, willing to go to bat for what is correct and just. We are not very macho to be considered as a real part of the individuals who sob for lost kids and lost lives. We recognize the endowments of our spouses and little girls and solid ladies all around. They are our spirit we are pleased to be with them, measure up to accomplices on the adventure of life.

Our emotions run further than our sexual desire. God, nature, the universe has embedded in us the want to recreate our species. Yet, we ought to never acknowledge that tag of being only the sperm givers. We cherish our spouses and our kids. We hurt when they hurt. We cry inside even as we battle back the destroys that well in us when we can't shield them from hurt. We are made to go into associations with ladies, the entire woman,we love and regard and together with them bring kids into the world.

I ask myself, for what reason do we get tied up with the man picture? What are we perplexed of? Do we truly need to walk to a melody we don't care to sing, this, exaggeration of manliness.? Is it accurate to say that we are OK with being viewed as ceaseless young people in a grown up world?

Nah! C'mon folks. We are better, more grounded, fit for both sympathy and quality and duty. The day is behind us when we were young men flaunting for our lady friends.

The young ladies are grown up ladies now expecting us, longing for us to be grown up men.

We should put the word fellows to bed with the little youngsters.