6 Of The World's Most Tattooed People

While a few people need a tattoo or two, others go the distance and have tattoos everywhere on their bodies. Do you adore body ink? Here are probably the most inked individuals on the planet:

Tom Leppard

Otherwise called the panther man, Tom has panther designs all through his body. In the event that you see him bare, you will mix up him for a creature. Notwithstanding the tattoos, he additionally wears cat teeth to finish the panther look. Tom, now 78 years, resigned in Isle of Sky in Scotland where he lives in a little house with a companion who offered to help him in his seniority.

Fortunate Diamond Rich

Precious stone Rich has numerous layers of ink, and he has spent more than 1,000 hours being inked. He has tattoos in all aspects of his body including gums, eyelids, ears, and the fragile skin between his toes. Notwithstanding cherishing ink, he additionally appreciates engaging where he juggles cutting apparatuses. He likewise unicycles and swallows swords as a profession.

Mr. Mayhone

The 32-year-old single parent has secured his whole body with brilliant tattoos in the offer of turning into a genuine entertainer. Notwithstanding the paintwork, he additionally has eight embeds underneath his scalp. This is to make a changeless comedian.

Elaine Davidson

As per the Guinness World Records, Elaine has more piercings that some other individual on the planet. In May 2000, she had 452 piercings where 192 of them were all over alone. In 2005, she had 3,950 piercings. This incorporates 500 that were in her genitalia-both within and outside. The Brazilian-conceived, previous medical attendant doesn't drink or utilize drugs. She now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Eric Sprague

Otherwise called the reptile man, Eric has changed himself into a reptile by having inked green scales everywhere on his body. Notwithstanding the tattoos, he likewise has five Teflon embed horns underneath his eyebrows, split tongue, and sharp teeth. Eric was the primary man to have a forked tongue in 1972. He likewise needed to have a tail, however the therapeutic information couldn't permit around then.

He profits functioning as a monstrosity where he performs before groups of onlookers. He additionally shows up. A portion of the demonstrations he performs include: fire eating, sword gulping, thinking about a bed of nails among numerous different things.

Julia Gnuse

The represented woman, experienced porphyria when she was in her mid-30s. This is a condition that makes her skin rankle and scar. To conceal the scars, she selected to tattoo the influenced territories. In a traverse of 10 years, her whole body (counting the face) was secured with bright etchings. Ninety-five percent of her body is canvassed in tattoos and holds a Guinness record for being one of the world's most inked individuals.


There you have it. These are the absolute most inked individuals on the planet. As you have seen, a portion of the general population do it to be one of a kind, others to cover therapeutic conditions, and others for it. What do you think, would you be able to cover your whole body in ink